Video and Digital Marketing


First Graphene Limited (ASX:FGR) stands as a global leader in supplying high-performing graphene solutions, with its primary manufacturing base situated in Henderson, Western Australia. The Company is committed to advancing graphene technology for greener economies globally, achieving significant commercialisation milestones spanning industries and applications from green cement to graphene-enhanced swimming pools amidst rising demand for its benefits. 

FGR engaged Spoke to support the Company’s continuing growth, increasing awareness of its unique product offering and capturing interest from capital markets. 



First Graphene Limited (ASX:FGR)


Video Production Series




To amplify the Company’s milestone achievements Spoke harnessed the power of visual storytelling by crafting a series of compelling and insightful video productions to effectively deliver and showcase the Companys growth, partnerships and newsflow with impact. Activity included: 

  • Deploying four media and digital content specialists to manage, develop, capture and produce a series of videos and distribution campaigns.
  • Conducting pre-production planning, collaborating with FGR’s leadership team and external. stakeholders to develop the creative concept and visual storyboard.
  • Identified and crafted captivating key messages and scripts to ensure the Company spokespeople delivered the piece-to-camera content with influence. 
  • Facilitating onsite content capturing, identifying optimal filming locations aligning with desired aesthetics and messages.
  • Providing professional videography equipment, along with precise direction and expert guidance to seamlessly facilitate the content capturing sessions and support participants throughout the production process. 
  • Editing and post-producing video series with engaging soundtracks, capturing complimentary content (B-roll) and developing supporting graphic elements. 
  • Packaging and executing timely distribution of video series content across FGR’s digital communications channels including social media, website and eNews.


  • Produced a compelling video series, achieving a combined organic audience reach in excess of 31,000.
  • Growth in social media channel metrics increased by 130% across profile views, followers, unique visitors and channel engagements. 
  • First Graphene’s website traffic and user sessions increased by 20%.
  • Enhanced FGR’s communications toolkit with impactful video assets further used to educate and spread awareness among capital market stakeholders, prospective investors and media audiences. 
  • Strengthened FGR’s profile as a world-leading graphene supplier among global audiences.
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