YIELD JUNE 2024: So hot, it's nuclear and good times on the Goldie


At a time when the resources sector is dealing with unprecedented challenges, the rise in copper prices has seemingly gone against the grain. YIELD takes a deep dive into the red metal’s survival amid market turbulence and increasing demand for the critical conductor as the world moves towards greater electrification.

YIELD MAY 2024: Simplifying sustainability, new gold and hot copper


Requirements to track and report Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) are on an upwards trajectory, particularly for the mining and resources sector. For some companies, including explorers, developing a sustainability strategy is complex and convoluted. This is why Futureproof Consulting was created and according to Managing Director Ben Swan, companies should be starting their ESG journey sooner rather than later.


The conference circuit has been a hallmark for business in Australia for decades, with more than 43 million delegates attending events annually. But repercussions of a global pandemic and increased demand for immediate connection has resulted in workforces shifting towards conducting meet and greets online. SPOKE Managing Director Luke Derbyshire investigates why conferences remain relevant in an ever-increasing digital world.

YIELD APRIL 2024: Red merging for gold and this is Sparta


The merger between Red 5 (ASX:RED) and Silver Lake Resources (ASX:SLR) has been one of the most talked about in 2024 and is happening at a time when the price of gold continues to hit record highs. As Red 5’s Manager of Corporate Development Mathew Collings explains, the union will result in the creation of one of the largest gold producers on the ASX.

YIELD FEBRUARY 2024: Up there Cazaly and not all Torque


Every year, RIU Explorers hosts companies with projects from around the world. In 2024, one exploration company decided to rocket into Fremantle for the first time, ready to showcase its rare earth project in Brazil. As a first-time attendee, Meteoric Resources’ Chief Executive Officer Nicholas Holthouse told YIELD he was amazed at the vast range of producers and explorers on display. FIND OUT MORE on Meteoric Resources: https://meteoric.com.au/

YIELD JANUARY 2024: Legend in the making and investors on the hunt


Algae is one of the oldest living organisms on earth, but a team of scientists have recently discovered a new, potentially life-changing, purpose for the microscopic plant. Algae Harvest spent two decades researching alternative commercial uses for algae. According to CEO Simon Andrew, the slimy, underwater plant could be used to treat iron deficiencies or fuel the aviation industry. 

YIELD DECEMBER 2023: Avoid cyber-crime, flashback and fast forward


Australian-based company Augment Technologies is revolutionising mine site operations, by combining AI algorithms with a physics engine to create a 3D blasting model. 

As Co-Founder and CEO Brice Gower explains, the Muckpile Block Model™ can increase ore recovery by up to 5%, generating up to $10 million in metal recovery efficiencies for miners. With the rapid rise in artificial intelligence around the world, it was only a matter of time before AI-driven solutions were introduced into the mining industry.

YIELD NOVEMBER 2023: Dynamic lithium duo and the world's cheapest alumina


Located on opposite sides of the world, Western Australia and Nevada have more in common than most would think, and it’s all thanks to lithium. Future Battery Minerals (ASX:FBM) has spent the last six months drilling at prospective projects in both states, with the Company focused on delivering the world’s most-talked about critical mineral. Managing Director and CEO Nick Rathjen caught up with YIELD as FBM prepares to announce dual maiden Mineral Resource Estimates as early as Q1 next year.


Digital disaster reinforces importance of old-fashioned news. When more than 10 million Australians tried to check their emails or send a text last week, they quickly realised they were disconnected from the online world. The nation-wide Optus outage was more than frustrating for the 400,000 businesses who lost income when emails and online banking stopped working, and dangerous for people who needed access to emergency services but couldn’t contact 000 or their local hospital.

YIELD OCTOBER 2023: Where discovery meets demand, and sun, surf and stocks


As demand for critical minerals steadily grows around the world, exploration and development companies are furiously pegging ground in known lithium hotspots, including the world-class James Bay region in Quebec. Perth-based Forrestania Resources (ASX:FRS) hopes to join the wave of discoveries in Canada, and Managing Director Michael Anderson is confident that when it does, there will be ample demand for its metals.

YIELD SEPTEMBER 2023: From flat to fabulous and Diggers throwback


Like the season, the conference circuit is warming up, with plenty of presenters vying for the attention of investors and stakeholders. Canadian-based developer VRIFY is helping mining and mineral exploration companies up their communications game, leveraging interactive virtual site tours, 3D data models, and 360° photography. Despite having 130 clients across 70 countries, Business Development Manager Grant Klebanov says the company is still growing.

YIELD AUGUST 2023: Riding the nickel wave and drilling smarter, not harder


Sometimes considered the poorer cousin to explorers and miners, those in the processing game quietly go about their business while adding huge value to the resources sector. Australian owned and made Gekko Systems specialises in modular gravity separation and in-line leach reactors traditionally used for on-site precious metal processing. 

YIELD caught up with Manager Sales and Operations Australasia and EMEA Tim Bell, he said there is increasing demand for their units from the critical minerals sector. 

YIELD JULY 2023: Marching into James Bay and top of the Podium


Having floated only 18 months ago with a handful of projects spread across WA and the NT, Omnia Metals Group took a punt to secure some ground in Canadian lithium hotbed – the James Bay Region. As Managing Director James Warren explains, it’s a high risk, high reward scenario.

FIND OUT MORE on Omnia Metals Group: https://omniametals.com.au